Get the Synergy you may be missing from cigarettes and/or eliquids that only contain Nicotine with…

Mothers Milk (WTA)

A Premium e-Liquid Manufactured from 100% natural Tobacco.

Or try any of the ADV flavored Premium eliquids that are Nicotine only.

(WTA) is what is known as Whole Tobacco Alkaloids

Not all e-Liquids are made equal. Get real Tobacco Flavor with Mothers Milk WTA. (MMWTA)

Nicotine only e-Liquids may be missing the synergy that the minor alkaloids in WTA may provide.

Nicotine, Nornicotine, Anabasine, Anatabine are the targeted alkaloids of our state of the art organic extraction process that reduces TSNA’s (tobacco specific nitrosamines) as much as possible.

Some TSNA’s are unavoidable so we start with tobacco selected specifically to be low in TSNA. We spare no expense in selecting the finest tobacco for our WTA.

All our e-liquids are FDA GCS diacetyl free and no artificial color is ever added.

Our organic chemist comes to us from the pharmaceutical industry and developed the WTA extraction process we use from years of research and development experience.

We hope you enjoy the rich full flavor of Mothers Milk WTA.

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