What It Is And How It Is Produced

Mothers Milk WTA (Whole Tobacco Alkaloid) is an e-Liquid Product Line produced form 100% organic tobacco leaves. It comes from the ground, to the drying shed, to the whole seller, to our state of the art lab located in Santa Clara CA.

The process starts by drying out the leaves in a vacuum desiccator to lower the water content to around 3%. Then it goes into the ball mill.

Then the organic extraction process begins.

The target extraction focuses on.

Nicotine, Nornicotine, Anabasine, Anatabine alkaloids while TSNA’s (tobacco specific nitrosamines) are eliminated as much as possible.

The purification/extraction process removes unwanted products naturally occurring in the organic tobacco through our proprietary process that can best be described as a:










Carbon Dioxide

This process requires expensive laboratory equipment and skill to produce the base WTA used in our e-Liquids.

The Tobacco flavor found in Mothers Milk WTA product line is derived and refined out of this process. Then the purified WTA base is blended into it to formulate the different e-liquid’s.

Mothers Milk WTA is NOT a NET! A NET is a Naturally Extracted Tobacco with out the separation, isolation, and purification of the targeted Alkaloids. The process is completely different.

We did not initially desire to produce an unflavored WTA but due to the confusion between a NET and our WTA not to mention the naysayers we decided to make the basic unflavored WTA available.

The idea of producing a 100% organic base WTA and blending it with awesome Tobacco flavors is our hearts desire.

We hope you will try and enjoy one of the Mothers Milk WTA e-Liquids today.